Resurgent International Ministry Founder Prophetess LaTonya C. Smith

Power in Prophetic Intercession

Prophetess LaTonya believes in the power of Prophetic Intercession. As her prophetic niche God utilizes her to train many in the area of prophetics and prophetic intercession.

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  • Prophet LaTonya, thank you so much for your time and this training...This class/training is what I needed. When I got in the class and receive the course curriculum and assignments, I wasn't sure as if it was right for me. But I heard GOD say take the class. While waiting for class to start I made every excuse as why I don't need the training. I have taken classes and training before, but this training is non like no other. It has enlightened me, it has stretched me...Thank YOU! ♥
    T. SLY
    Intercessory Ministry
  • This is by far the best talk I've been to. She was so inspiring and she didn't beat around the bush when talking about any topics, she was so real and gave us realistic expectations and strategies, not wishful hopes.
    Event/Workshop Participant
    Marketplace Ministry
  • Good Evening Prophetess LaTonya, I found your book "Closing Doors" and I purchased it today. I cannot put this book down. It is such a blessing to find a book I can relate. I reside in Charlotte, NC and I am blessed by your ministry and insight. I would like to say thank you for being a vessel for the Lord. I just wanted you to know your book is helping me through some rough times. Thank you.
    Charlotte, NC
    Intercessory Ministry
  • Awesome and impactful experience! This was by far the best session I have been to. The content was transformative and the speaker was so much fun and engaging. Wish there was another session for my roommate to go.
    Event/Workshop Participant
    Marketplace Ministry